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Sony NW-ZX100HN Hi-Res Walkman Digital Music Player with Digital Noise Cancellation



Product Details

The NW-ZX100HN series High-Resolution Audio Walkman is meticulously engineered with premium circuitry, refined aluminum body and Noise Cancelling technology, so your only focus is the music.

  • High-rigidity body
    The high-rigidity body allows for the optimal realization of clear vocals, powerful yet firm bass, and bright high ranges to provide the quintessential listening experience.
  • High purity lead-free solder
    The high purity lead-free solder developed exclusively for Sony’s high-end audio products creates a more natural and well balanced sound for low, mid, and high ranges.
  • Aluminum frame
    A lightweight, highly rigid aluminum frame is the ideal base to prevent unwanted noise and distortion while delivering superb audio reproduction. A comfortable easy to hold design, with side-mounted controls allow for natural play/pause and track navigation.
  • Filled VIA hole in printed circuit board
    Filling the VIA hole in the printed circuit board with copper helps to stabilize the power line and lower the impedance of the circuit, which in turn facilitates the firm bass sound, bright high ranges, and clear vocals that the NWZX100HN provides.
  • Detailed, dynamic sound with Hi Res audio support
    The NW-ZX100HN has a powerful combination of high-end audio technologies – for detailed, lossless playback for all your music. Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio.
  • Longest battery of any Walkman. Enjoy up to 70 hours of playback2
    Spend more time with your music. You can enjoy up to 70 hours of playback,2 thanks to the NW-ZX100HN significantly improved battery life.
  • Expandable 128GB3 of memory
    128GBs3 of memory built in. An additional memory slot gives you the freedom to add a microSD card, so you never run out of music.
  • Bluetooth streaming at its best with LDAC1
    Enjoy high quality music streaming thanks to LDAC, our premium wireless codec. With 3x the bitrate of standard Bluetooth, you can enjoy a superior listening experience for every track.1
  • Includes Noise-Canceling earbuds
    Immerse yourself deeper in the sound, thanks to the NW-ZX100HN exclusive bundled headphones. Noise Cancelling mutes distractions from the world outside, so it’s just you and your music.
  • Your favorite Hi-Res tracks, even in DSD!
    The NW-ZX100HN supports playback of most Hi-Res digital music file formats including: MP3, WMA, WMA lossless, WAV, FLAC, L-PCM, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSF, and DSDIFF. For optimized playback, a user-selectable DSD filter allows for refined playback, either a slow roll-off ideal for expressive music and a warmer sound experience or sharp roll-off tailored for energetic music and a fuller sound benefitting from a sharp attack.

In the box:

  • Headphones (1)
  • Earbuds (1 set)
  • Clip (for Headphones) (1)
  • USB cable (1)
  • Startup Guide (1)
  • Instruction Manual(1)
  • Spacer (for Portable Amp) (1)
  • microSD Card is not supplied with your Walkman


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