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Final Audio F7200 High-Resolution Earphones (Stainless Steel)




  • Full-range balanced armature driver earbuds
  • Natural, rich bass tones and clear high frequencies
  • Exceptionally suited for acoustic music
  • Silver-plated cable - Achieves a wide soundstage
  • MMCX connectors - For extra durability 
  • Choice of earpieces - Adjustable sound quality
  • Reduced microphonics - Redesigned ear hooks

This award-winning, beautiful model from Final Audio Design will impress you with quality sound, comfortable fit, and practical accessories. The F7200 High-Resolution Earphones combine good insulation with vibration dampening housing in order to deliver clear sound and a vast soundstage. Focusing on the full-range use of a balanced armature driver, the F7200 model realizes weighty bass tones - a spectacular achievement considering the size of the housing. Featuring stainless steel mirror finish with gold-tone MMCX connector and high-purity silver-coated OFC cable, the earphones produce enchanting audio quality, while looking positively stunning.

Sound Quality

Transparently clear and smooth sound across all frequencies is characteristic of this model. Natural and rich bass tones, crystal clear high frequencies and beguiling vocals. Since these earphones are capable of clearly expressing the fresh feel imbued in a piece of music, they are exceptionally suited to genres such as acoustic music. Try it out for yourself and your inner audiophile will thank you!

Top Precision

Manufactured at Final Audio Design office in Kawasaki, the F7200 High-Resolution Earphones espouse precision. By undertaking everything from tool production through product assembly in-house, the company is able to maintain the high quality of their products. Employing stainless steel machined high rigidity housing ensures unnecessary sympathetic vibration is dampened, contributing to the clarity of sound. Special housing design minimizes the distance between the eardrum and the driver unit, while provided range of earpieces allows sound quality and earbud positioning variation.

Original Earpieces

The Final Audio Design engineers have worked hard to design an earbud that offers a comfortable fit and delivers quality sound. Two types of earpieces come with the F7200 Earphones: silicone and foam. These small accessories make a huge difference both in sound quality and comfort level of the listener. Modular earpiece design ensures perfect fit no matter the size of your ear canal, in addition to significantly changing the fullness of the bass and soundproofing performance. The foam earpieces, in particular, have soundproofing performance similar to noise cancellation earpieces.

Excellent Design

The high-purity OFC silver coated cables provided with the F7200 Earphones offer multiple benefits. Co-created with the well-renowned Junkosha corporation, the cables are surprisingly flexible. This flexibility adds to ease of use, reduces microphonics, and plays its part in achieving wide soundstage. To further reduce microphonics - the noise that is produced when the earphone wire touches the body, the  F7200 High-Resolution Earphones conveniently come with ear hooks, which have been redesigned for comfort and aesthetics. Additionally, the model is fitted with MMCX connectors improving durability and ensuring firm connection throughout extended use. 

Protective Case

Some headphone cases look good, Final Audio Design case for F7200 Earphones looks great and keeps the phones and their cable in perfect shape whenever the listening device isn't in use. The unique case design prevents breaking of the cords and protects the rest of the earphone parts. Once the earbuds and the plug are securely inside their compartments in the case and the wire is wrapped around the perimeter, the pouch is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket. Rock you phones anywhere you take it and enjoy the great sound and comfortable fit.


  • Housing: Stainless steel mirror finish
  • Driver: Balanced armature 
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Cable: silver-coated OFC
  • Sensitivity : 106dB
  • Impedance: 42Ω
  • Weight: 23g
  • Cord length: 1.2m


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